Wheatgrass from GoGreen Sprouter

Automatic !
* All Photos Taken by My Readers who Built a Sprouter or Bought One from Dan


Wheat grass Juice

Sweet fresh juicy Wheatgrass in a 14x15-inch tray. Today Dan offers three 6x13-inch food-grade trays, to harvest a batch more often – see photos of trays here.

Can you see any mold here? Never! My automatic Sprouter is so easy to use – you don't even need to turn the trays once a day, as you must with other Sprouters (mine has whisper-quiet nozzles on both sides).

In my experience,chewing on wheatgrass daily heals your teeth and gums faster than anything else. Wheatgrass juice is the quickest way to build your CBC count (red blood cells) so you enjoy fantastic ENERGY.


White Roots

Wheatgrass ready for Juicing – here you see how the roots intertwine into each other providing a firm mat for sunflower and wheatgrass to grow 8 to 9 inches tall. That's why Dan's GoGreen Sprouter is 9.5 inches high inside, whereas our competitor. the Easygreen, is only 5.5 inches high inside.

The white in lower right is the wheatgrass tray – 3 come with Dan's GoGreen Large Sprouter. Notice how mold-free the tray is – and soil-free!

Customers outside the US, order Dan's cheap, light-weight Mist Kit with my Free Plans on CD showing you how to build your own Sprouter.


Wheatgrass Trays

Grow baby greens or wheatgrass in the small trays (3" wide and 13" long) for chewing on daily or in the large trays (6" x 13") for juicing. This photo shows both. Each 6-inch wide tray gives SIX OUNCES of wheatgrass juice, using just under half-cup of seeds per tray.

All trays are 2-inches high. The wheatgrass here is reaching to 9-inches, also sunflower in Dan's GoGreen Sprouter grows tall and sweet.

You can travel with the GoGreen Sprouter in your suitcase because the lid is removable – the small one fits in a standard 30-inch case. I brought mine from USA to South Africa with me.


Healthy Fast Food

Dean of PA who grew the greens and sprouts above travels a lot, so he plants and harvests only one day a week. He writes:
"The frequent automatic misting totally eliminates the need for manual watering, which I found a real chore when trying to grow a lot of sprouts. Literally, all I have to do is sprinkle seeds in the Sprouter, and 7 to 14 days later (depending on the type of seed) I'm ready to harvest another crop of luscious sprouts."

"For $5/week, I'm able to grow 8 lbs of sprouts for an average cost of 60 cents per pound, plus enough grass to yield 1.5 oz of grass juice per day."

All greens are misted and drained at regular intervals 100% automatically. My GoGreen Sprouter is the only one in the world where you can go away for a week and return to the fresh living greens above.

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