Choice of 3 MIST KITS – Basic, Small or Large
to Build Your Own Automatic Sprouter

* Prices are for guidance only – they may be different today!

Click Here to Order a Mist Kit from Dan Schaefer in Michigan

Basic Mist Kit – $89 – to build two Small Sprouters or one Large, see specs below. Large Mist Kit – this is also the Discount Kit – $159 ($139 at discount) – to build two Small Sprouters or one Large (pretend the blue piece isn't there), see specs below.

 Click here to Order a Mist Kit from Dan Schaefer in Michigan 

Quick-Connect Fittings – to easily click your Sprouter onto and off the valve; see photo at Deciding on Water Source Small Mist Kit – $129 – to build one Small Sprouter (pretend the blue piece isn't there, it's the auto-shutoff adapter that comes only with Sprouter), see specs below.
The white Q-C adapter is open-flow and comes with all Mist Kits. The blue adapter has an auto-shutoff valve and comes with all Sprouters. When you unclick the mist-tubing from it, the water automatically shuts off, avoiding spills. With the white adapter, you simply switch the water off at faucet.

Large Kit is also the Discount Kit => 
Basic Mist Kit Small Mist Kit Large Mist Kit
Mist Tubing
30 feet (9m)
20 feet (6m)
30 feet (9m)
Nozzles – brass & stainless steel 24 10 24
Nozzle T-fittings 12 5 12
Compression Rings for T's 24 and 2 end-caps 9 and 1 end-cap 24 and 2 end-caps
Quick-connect Fittings to click Sprouter onto + off valve 1 pair 1 pair 1 pair
Screw-in Drain Spout 2 1 2
Drain Tube no, buy locally 3 feet 6 feet
Timer + Valve with 8 misting cycles in 24-hour period (once every 3 hours) no, buy locally yes yes
Transformer for Timer-valve, choice of 110v or 220v (or battery timer-valve) no, buy locally yes yes
Adapter to connect Valve to washing machine Hose no, buy locally yes yes
Mist tubing Hangers with nuts + screws no, buy locally 5 12
Growing Container and Plant Trays
no, buy locally OR from Dan
Click Here to Order a Mist Kit from Dan Schaefer in Michigan

Quick-Connect Fittings and Nozzles
All Dan's Sprouters and Mist Kits are quick-connect. You can easily unclick your Sprouter from the water-line, to move it or clean it, then click it back on again. This is the only part of our Sprouter that's not in local stores. My Sprouter Plans give alternative parts to shop for locally, to fit the mist-tubing into the valve (not quick-connect).

Or, you can order just the quick-connect fittings from Dan.

Nozzles – are designed for municipal water pressure of 50-60 psi (4 bar metric). But users are running them at pressures as low as 30 psi with no problem.
All Kits include nozzles with stainless steel inner rings. In US hardware stores, the cheaper brass nozzles (not stainless steel) are $15 for a pack of 5.

Dan's Basic and Large Kits contain $75 worth of nozzles!

... plus you get other Unique parts like quick-connect fittings.

for guidance only, may be different
Not included in Product – buy at local store, or from Dan
Sprouter Plans
Buy all parts locally – mist kit (mist-tubing, mist-nozzles with T-fittings, drain spout) and hose with connector, growing container, plant trays, tubing hangers, drain tube, timer-valve with connectors 
Basic Mist Kit – see Photo
Hose with faucet or other connector Growing container, plant trays Tubing hangers, drain tube, timer-valve with connectors
Small Mist Kit – see Photo
Hose with connector Growing container, plant trays Included
Large Mist Kit – see Photo
Hose with connector Growing container, plant trays Included
Small Sprouter with pre-fitted Mist Kit – see Photo
Hose with connector Included Included
Large Sprouter with pre-fitted Mist Kit – see Photo
Hose with connector Included Included
After buying your First Sprouter (Small or Large) you GET BACK $60 in credit – $40 Discount off a second Sprouter (Large) and $20 off a Large Mist Kit

Choice of 3 Mist Kits – Basic, Small and Large
The Mist Kits are 'specially for international customers. It costs so much to ship growing containers outside the US because they exceed Post Office box-size restrictions. It's cheapest to buy the Kit and find a plastic storage box and plant trays in your local stores.

Or build your container – my Sprouter Plans give details.

The Basic and Large Mist Kits are to build two Small Sprouters (with 5 nozzles each) or one Large (10 nozzles) with a spare set of nozzles for cleaning, and a few nozzles left over in case your container needs more than the US boxes.

The Small Mist Kit is to build one Small Sprouter (5 nozzles with spare set). Dan's Small GoGreen Sprouter fits six 3x12-inch trays, and his Large GoGreen fits six 3x13.5" plus three wheatgrass trays each 6x13.5-inch.

Difference between Basic and Large Kits
The Basic Kit:
  • does not have timer-valve with connectors and transformer;
  • does not have mist-tubing hangers and drain tube;
  • is shipped in a global priority mail envelope so there should be no import duty for customers outside USA.
  • The Small and Large Kits – because they have timer-valve – are shipped in a box and you'll probably pay import duty outside USA.

    If you get the Basic Kit, my Sprouter Plans give detailed specifications on what to look for in a timer-valve, tubing hangers and drain tube, in your country.

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    Sprouter Feedback

    Rev. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres, Shelby, NC, loves his GoGreen Sprouter:

    Sprouter up and running – HALLELUJAH!

    Dear Val, the sprouter is fantastic!  Just harvested our first 5 trays, one of them sunflower sprouts, and they all turned out great!

    Thanks for making it happen!  Blessings!

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