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GoGreen Large Sprouter
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See the wheatgrass growing to a height of NINE inches? Dan's competitor, the Easygreen, is only 5.5 inches high inside. The GoGreen Sprouter grows both wheatgrass and baby greens (sunflower, broccoli, etc.) together in one container.
The three six-inch wide trays (photo above shows four) give an amazing SIX ounces of wheatgrass juice each, using just under half-cup of seeds per tray. With 3 trays, you get a new batch of wheatgrass every three days. For a new batch daily, you can continue to grow trays outside your Sprouter as soon as the root mats appear.

The six three-inch wide trays (on right in photo) you use for baby greens like alfalfa and broccoli. They take 4-5 days to grow so you easily harvest a fresh tray of baby greens daily from your Sprouter. Of course every seed that germinates will grow in the GoGreen Sprouter – all greens, grains, beans.

Unique Features of Large Sprouter
  • 1 x Growing Container 40" wide x 16.5" deep x 9.5" high (100x42x24cm), made by Dan, food-grade plastic
  • with pre-fitted Mist Kit and auto-shutoff quick-connect fittings (easily click your Sprouter onto + off the water-line to move it or clean it)
  • 1 Timer-valve with 110v Transformer (or get 220v with metric valve)
  • 6 Plant Trays each 3"x13" made by Dan, food-grade plastic
  • 3 Wheatgrass Trays each 6"x13" made by Dan, food-grade plastic
  • 1 pack of 10 extra Nozzles
  • 1 Free CD of Sprouter Plans
  • 1 Free PVC sprouter Stand ($15 value)
  • All parts installed, tested and ready-to-go
  • Buy a hose locally or from Dan, who also offers a water filter, and additional trays (see photos)

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GoGreen Small Sprouter
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GOGREEN SMALL SPROUTER – comes with six 3"x13" trays giving one fresh tray every day (a big plateful) of baby greens like broccoli and alfalfa, which take 5 days to grow – see pictures in Photos – Baby Greens.

You can also grow sunflower and buckwheat greens, wheatgrass, green pea shoot,  and all bean and grain sprouts in the 3x13 trays. You need baby greens and bean sprouts daily for Energy Soup, green smoothies and salads.

Do you see the mist-tubing with nozzles along the top back and front, to create oxygen-rich fine spray? This leads to the Timer-valve with Dan's special quick-connect fittings – see photos in Deciding on your Water Source. The CD of Sprouter Plans ($15 value) comes free with all Sprouters and Mist Kits.

Not included in Small Sprouter (and not in this photo) is the hose leading to faucet or cold-water pipe – buy this locally or from Dan, see photos here.

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  Small Sprouter Large Sprouter
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Growing Container 20" wide x 14" deep x 9" high
(51 x 36 x 23 cm) 
40" wide x 16.5" deep x 9.5" high
(100 x 42 x 24 cm)
Plant Trays, all 2 inches high Six 3"x13" trays Six 3"x13" trays
Three 6"x13" wheatgrass trays
Pre-fitted Mist Kit includes Quick-connect Fittings to click Sprouter onto + off valve, AND 13-ft Mist-tubing (4-ft inside Sprouter + 9-ft or 2.5m spare outside), 5 brass & stainless steel Nozzles, 5 nozzle T-fittings with 9 compression rings and 1 end-cap, 5 mist-tubing Hangers 16-ft Mist-tubing (7-ft inside +.9-ft spare), 10 brass & stainless steel Nozzles, 10 nozzle T-fittings with 19 compression rings and 1 end-cap, 10 mist-tubing Hangers
Extra spare Nozzles 1 pack of 5 1 pack of 10
Drain Tube with Screw-in Spout 3-feet tubing 3-feet tubing
Timer + Valve with 8 misting cycles in 24-hour period (once every 3 hours) yes, with Transformer (110v or 220v) and adapter to connect valve to washing-machine hose
CD of Sprouter Plans yes yes
PVC Sprouter Stand yes yes
Retail Price – for guidance only, may differ today
$199 + $20 Shipping
$299+$20 – double the size
but not double the price!
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The Small Sprouter with its lid on and six 3x13 trays. Actually you leave the lid open by one inch to allow natural light and air in. Mix and match plant trays in any position you like! This photo shows six 3x12 trays and four 6x9 trays in the Large Sprouter – from Dean in PA, who is growing here a variety of alfalfa, wheatgrass, and sunflower.

Are you wondering which Sprouter to get ?
I love the Large Sprouter because you grow wheatgrass, greens, beans and grains all in one Sprouter. This saves on cleaning!

I think we should chew on wheatgrass every day for teeth and gums, and juice it 4-5 days a week. The chlorophyll cleans and sterilizes our bloodstream, while the oxygen in fresh living grass is a microbe-killer. Green plants are rich in proteins and minerals to rebuild our cells and tissues.

Dan, who builds the Sprouters, also loves the Large Sprouter. He pays a plastics manufacturer to make the box and trays especially for you.

"Both the container and trays are FDA approved food grade plastic." Dan writes. "They're more durable for years of dependable service."

"My GoGreen Sprouter is the most reliable. The other automatic sprouters all have a motor that can break down."

The Benefits of connecting to your House-water
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Sprouter Feedback

Rev. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres, Shelby, NC, loves his GoGreen Sprouter:

Sprouter up and running – HALLELUJAH!

Dear Val, the sprouter is fantastic!  Just harvested our first 5 trays, one of them sunflower sprouts, and they all turned out great!

Thanks for making it happen!  Blessings!

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