Fast-Track into Raw Food Nutrition — Everything You Need to Know to Eat Raw Food Today

How quickly and safely can you transition to 80% or more raw foods?

Where you know how to do it right from day one. If you switch too quickly, and experience a bad reaction like a runny tummy, or constipation, what do you do?

If you feel hungry all the time, what do you do?

Eat Raw

Start Today on Raw & Living Foods

Gourmet raw food chef Mike Snyder In Portland knows the answers. Mike is a passionate believer in the healing power of living foods.

Mike is called on to give keynote speeches, catering services, seminars, and what’s more…

…he’s a personal coach who helps his clients move into raw foods safely and quickly.

Mike offers a unique program (that you’ll never find on amazon):

>> Getting Started with the Raw and Living Foods Lifestyle

You get rare interviews with the early-bird stalwarts of our raw food world — rich content that we never hear any more.

Breaking Free of Addiction

Today all the hype is about superfoods and bone broth! Is this food from Nature? Of course not! Google “vegan bone broth.”

Back in Ann Wigmore’s day (and in my own home) the true superfood is LIFE FORCE, living foods you grow yourself.

The true broth is LIVING leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Eating that Life Force brings abundant gifts pouring into your life daily.

You want to EAT food with an electric current vibrating at higher frequencies.

It’s phenomenal. Today my vision sees me converting my home in Africa (where I live) into an orphanage for 40 young children at risk, who have no hope in life.

Yesterday, or to be exact, a few decades ago, I was in the gutter begging you for a quarter to buy yet another bottle of rum, as if I weren’t drunk enough already.

But when you’re an addict, you can never get enough, can you? One is too many, 100 is not enough.

Eat Raw Living Plants Daily

What’s the one big change I made? I eat one serving of living plants every single day.

Could be bean sprouts I grow in my kitchen, could be lettuces growing in pots on my patio, could be wild weeds I pick — they give me a runny tummy!

One serving a day of living plants. No exceptions.

I want that for you too. I want you to know the magic. I want you to know the love, peace and joy that comes with living plants.

You know the magic you feel out in nature? You begin to EAT that magic, that living breathing miracle.

It goes right down into your tummy and into every living breathing miracle cell in your body! Your cells leap for joy.

At last you’re feeding them the food they’ve been dying for.

Abundance from Raw Foods

Somehow, don’t ask me how because it’s all happening on the physics level, the sub-atomic level way beyond the molecules you see with your naked eye…

Somehow on that deep level of your heart, the Creator of that life force sneaks in too. And brings Her miracles of Abundance into your life.

You will never know lack again. Indeed, your life grows so abundant, you reach a high where you are a channel for that abundance to pour out of you, into the lives of others.

You make a difference, you transform the lives of others. Simply because you made the decision to eat living foods.

You know what? You never stop learning! I’m busy going through Mike’s program myself right now.

Animal Manure in Vegan Compost?

One fascinating question — do you or do you not allow animal manure in your compost?

Personally, I do. For eons plants and animals have evolved together, with plants extracting nutrients from animal feces. My lettuces love the organic crumble from free range cows on the grassy plains of Swaziland. They grow to a rich green.

To the Swazi people, cattle is their form of wealth, as a dollar is to you. Families need cattle for lobola, a gift from the groom’s family to the parents of the bride.

Ann Wigmore did not fancy chicken manure in her compost, no ways. We learn that from Mike’s interview with Dr. Flora van Orden III, ND, PhD (Nutrition) — who was Dr. Ann Wigmore’s assistant for over 22 years.

Ann Wigmore on the Best Compost

In her interview, Dr. Flora mentions (taken from the transcript, which comes with Mike’s program):

“I wrote to someone [where] Dr. Ann asked them to put up a fence so that the pigs and chickens wouldn’t get in [to her compost] to eat the sprouting leftover seeds, and when she returned from a trip, the animals were all over, defecating in the compost. When one is not in a frost zone, it’s impossible, some feel, to ‘kill’ the little things that might be in the feces of the chickens and pigs. Some chickens eat their own waste.

…She [Dr. Ann] placed more emphasis on the greens the more she learned. When she went to Puerto Rico, she began to eat weeds after the compost was contaminated and felt such a great burst of energy that she focused on going back to her grandmother’s eating habits (weeds and more weeds) and the wonderful fruits down there, and coconut water.

She achieved miracles giving babies coconut water who couldn’t assimilate their mothers’ breasts milks because of their moms having used antibiotics in their foods/drinks [from eating animal products] or by prescription.

…Another so-called wannabe copier of Dr. Ann’s living food program has horse manure in their compost. I couldn’t eat the greens from there after the first day, they were so bitter.”

living greens

Eat LIVING Greens!

Early Raw Food Leaders

In Mike’s program, you’ll find interviews, transcripts and ebooks of the truly great leaders of our raw food movement, like Prof. Arnold Ehret and Dr. Flora.

For instance:

  • Dr. Richard Schulze, medical herbalist, on juice fasting and cayenne
  • Hippocrates Health Institute on how to detoxify, how to combine foods, and wheatgrass
  • Dr. Arnold Ehret’s books on (1) Rational Fasting, and (2) Overcoming Constipation Naturally.
  • John H. Tilden, MD, on Toxemia
  • Mike’s own recipe book with such unusual dishes as raw vegan macaroni & cheese
  • And much more!

>> Fast-Track Yourself to Raw Food Nutrition!

Reprogram Your Subconscious

Immerse yourself in these books and mp3’s. Learn a little more every day.

Let it sink into your subconscious, so your body ACTS on these new ideas.

Quickly you will be ready for the 30-day Raw Food Challenge at the end of Mike’s book.

Mike writes:

“There are 365 days in each year, and I challenge you to devote 30 of these days to eating 100% raw.

Devote a measly 8% of this year to your own raw foods experiment, and you will see for yourself how your life is transformed with the miracle of living food nutrition.

Put your dietary goals in writing with a daily journal. Writing in a journal will make the transition easier.

Goal setting is very important, don’t skip this step!”

Chapters In Mike’s Book

Mike is the author of two recipe books at Amazon. Here’s the contents of his info-rich book you get in the Living Foods program.


My pots of LIVING electrically alive lettuce

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Raw Foods

  • What are raw and living foods?
  • Examining the variety, preparation, and taste of raw foods
  • The problems with cooking
  • Where are the essential nutrients?
  • Eating adequate calories
  • Combating deficiency
  • The richest sources of easily digested protein
  • Maximizing consumption of chlorophyll rich foods
  • Tips and techniques for eating starchy root veggies
  • Raw vs. Living nuts and seeds
  • Fruit juice vs. Vegetable juice
  • Succeeding socially on a raw food diet

Chapter 2: Finding the Right Approach

  • Finding the path that works best for you
  • Free software for diet analysis
  • Food combining for optimal digestion
  • Food combining rules for living foods
  • The Acid/Alkaline pH scale
  • Rainbow Green dietary approach
  • 80-10-10 dietary approach
  • Ann Wigmore approach
  • Hippocrates Health Institute approach
  • Hard to find nutrients

Chapter 3: Achieving Great Health with Nourishing Foods

  • Sprouts
  • Drinking water
  • Sea vegetables
  • Beverages
  • Salt and sodium
  • Cultured and fermented foods
  • Dehydrated foods
  • Basic foods and appliances for traveling

Chapter 4: Tools of the Trade

  • Knives
  • Blenders
  • Food Processors
  • Juicers
  • Additional appliances
  • Sprouting equipment

Chapter 5: The Art of Raw Gourmet

  • Why gourmet?
  • Balancing tastes in recipes
  • Spices, seasonings, and herbs
  • Garlic and onions
  • Raw and living sweeteners
  • The raw chocolate controversy
  • Making smooth creamy dishes with nuts and fruits
  • Thickening and thinning recipes
  • Creating delicious dishes of various nationalities

Chapter 6: The Super Food Evolution

  • Supplements vs. Superfoods and the raw vegan diet
  • Food enzymes vs. supplemental enzymes
  • Probiotics and friendly bacteria
  • Green superfood powders
  • Nutritional benefits of algae and grass
  • Growing high mineral wheatgrass
  • A secret technique for growing superfoods with music
  • Vitamin B-12 in the vegetarian diet — food or supplement?
  • High nutrient berries
  • The most important sprouts
  • Nutrient rich seeds
  • A dietary staple containing every nutrient needed to sustain life
  • Maca, the hormone builder
  • The miracle of MSM
  • Soy, a healthy superfood
  • Minerals in food vs. supplementation
  • Resources for on-line support
  • The 30-Day Raw Challenge!

It Works When You Work It

>> Download: Getting Started with the Raw and Living Foods Lifestyle

…the investment that brings miracles into your life :)

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