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May 19, 2022

Hi — thanks for popping in :)  This website is all-original content written by me, Val Archer. If you'd like to copy content from my site, please email me,

Priority Links

  • Download Free Plans – to build an Automatic Sprouter — enjoy living greens in your kitchen.
  • Download Free eBooks – to go raw for 6 days, and plant-strong for 6 weeks — everything you need to know, to quickly shift into healthy eating.
  • My Facebook page — see links to my latest Newsletters, and photos of me (born 1948).
  • Soaring Eagles - Coaching for Young Leaders of a Loving Peaceful World — my volunteer work in South Africa, where I live.

Eating Raw Links

Sprouting Links

Grow Your Greens!

garden tower
Garden Tower, my fav way to grow greens in soil. Berries too, rich in phytonutrients – see those strawberries?

Your key to healing is to blend LIVING plants. The plant is alive and still growing in the moment you eat it. Lettuce loses 60% of its vitamin C within 24 hours of picking.

Picture how we humans ate for millenia. We picked our food live from a tree or bush, or out of the ground or sea.

As recently as 1930, before the depression and dust bowl migrations, 25% of Americans (30.5 million) still lived on a farm and ate fresh living plants they picked daily.

How to easily grow fresh leafy greens for your Smoothies? My favorite is the Garden Tower. It grows 50 plants in 4 square feet. It uses real soil, and:

 * Sports a vermicompost tube down the center, that

 * Turns your kitchen scraps into healthy soil.

See how it works here at Amazon.

Follow rawfooder John Kohler on his youtube channel to get inspired to:

 * Grow your own Leafy Greens!

Blending Links

Juicing Links

Dehydrating Links

Notes on Best Drinking Water

snowflake by Wilson Bentley, 1885

You must increase the volume of structured water in your body. This I believe is the #1 priority in healing. Picture a snowflake. That is water's natural crystal structure.

Green juices are by far the best for this. But few of us have time to juice every time we need a drink of water. And how can we shower in green juice?

It's said a 10-minute shower will shoot more chlorine into your blood than drinking 6-8 glasses of tap water. Chlorine is toxic to living cells.

An easy path is to get a whole-house structured water unit that both detoxifies your water and returns it to its original crystal star-cluster.

By "structured" water, I mean EZ water (Exlusion Zone water). It's the fourth phase of water in all living organisms, discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington. Read my discussion with Dr. Pollack here.

For clean toxin-free structured water in your home, I recommend (in order of cost, with most expensive first):

  • Invest in a whole house unit so you're drinking & showering in clean, structured water. You'll notice the difference in your hair and skin, and your plants.
  • Watch the webinar with Dr. Pollack here to get a whole-house unit at deep discount. This webinar is critical for you to understand the unique H3O2 water in LIVING organisms, and in glacial melt.
  • Or go direct to the sales page here, and see all product options. But then you'll miss seeing Dr. Pollack himself speaking.

At lower cost, simply filter your water with a good filter, then restructure the water:

  • The two best filters are either a home water distiller which removes all minerals from the water, or a Berkey water filter which retains the minerals.
  • An RO (reverse osmosis) filter wastes too much water, and collects so much filth in the membrane which you must replace repeatedly at high expense — same as an electric water Ionizer, it also requires regular filter cartridge replacement at high expense.
  • For years I used a distiller. Then in my 60's I decided I need the minerals for my bones & teeth. So I switched to a Berkey.

The Berkey is a gravity filter. You don't need electricity or municipal water pressure for it to work. The grid can go down and you'll still have clean water.

Mike Adams of tested all the gravity filters, and found that Berkey is by far the best. It's used by relief workers globally. It filters stagnant ponds! The filter lasts for years — you just scrub it clean :)

Popular Berkey models (all are stainless steel):

For my emergency water supply, I keep on hand the:

  • Survival Still non-electric water distiller.
  • It filters sea water, and stagnant ponds, and removes both biological toxins (bacteria & viruses) and radioactive metals (such as uranium & cesium).
  • The Survival Still comes with a lifetime warranty — it will never break down — and there's no filter to change ever.
  • With it, I also bought an EcoZoom rocket stove to boil the water in my distiller. So you're completely off the grid :)

To restructure your water after filtering it, read how to do it for free here.

Drinking Water Links

Are you surprised I write about alkaline water? It's not a food, it's a supplement. Long-term healing needs green juices, not alkaline water.

The reason I include alkaline drinking water on my site is because I'm convinced every illness begins with oxidative stress. The cell lacks bio-energy, it's electron-deficient.

Ionized water is a shortcut to fixing this. It donates electrons that neutralize acids and free radicals. But like any supplement, it's not a long-term solution.

Hydroponic Links

Hydroponics is when you grow fruit & veg with no soil. Personally I prefer soil, as in the Garden Tower.

My experience is that growing hydroponic lettuces & tomatoes inside your home does not work. There's not enough light. I must admit I've not tested it with full-spectrum grow lights.

So in this section, when you see me talking about an Indoor System, it means outdoors! A balcony will work.

My Blog Links

These pages I wrote inside a Wordpress blog.

Reader Healing Stories

These pages were written by my readers. Do you have a healing story to tell? Let me (Val) know at

Get Free Support

AA got me sober. The bottle is stronger than you are. Or chips, or hamburger, or soda, whatever your drug of choice is, I bet it's stronger than you!

A support group is stronger than your demons. The best Free Support on the web is the:

 star  One Month Free Support Group — for the NO-DIET Way with Jon Gabriel.

Diets don't work! Do you need to lose weight? Or break free of cravings? Stop telling yourself what you can NOT eat! There's an easier way...

Here's what you'll do in Jon's Support Group:

  • Join a weekly live coaching session,
  • Make quick delicious Recipes,
  • Browse his Master Classes — see the one on raw desserts!
  • Connect in the private Forums,
  • Participate in group Visualizations & live Fitness sessions,
  • See the latest Health Research on videos, and
  • Join the monthly "Ask Jon" call-in days when Jon talks you through anything you need help with.
  • All for Free for a full month!

If you love the progress you're making, you stay on as a member. If not, you simply cancel and keep all the Free Goodies you downloaded.

Jon lost 102 kg (226 lbs) yet has none of that hanging lizard-like skin which only surgery can remove.

Jon Gabriel

Jon teaches what I teach. How do you stop the demon that forces you to eat or drink yourself to death?

You ADD IN a little good food every day! He writes in his book:

"I started ... eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but with one difference: I made sure I added certain foods that I knew had the nutrients my body needed in a form that I could digest and assimilate."

>> Click here to get access to everything in Jon's Support Group for an entire month right now at no charge.

Support Organic!

lowest price guarantee

You'll Make It!

Looking back on my gutter alcoholic days, it seems unreal. That young woman in her 20's, sitting on a London curbside slugging down a cheap bottle of Spanish wine...

...trying to avoid the wino who'd followed her out of the store in the hope he'd get my last swallow. Was that me?

Many of my readers feel the same way. What you're going through now is unreal, it's not the REAL YOU. To become the Best You beyond your wildest dreams, all you do is:

  • Step 1:  Blend Leafy Greens: once every day, five days a week, into either an Energy Soup or a Green Smoothie.
  • Step 2:  Enjoy a Green Juice: at least 3 days a week.
  • Step 3:  Reach for Raw Living Plants: a little more each day.
  • Step 4:  Clean your Colon: when you first start out, you don't need to do it for life!
  • Step 5:  Join a Group: you need community, your tribe that will help you get through it.
  • Best Of All: find a Free group locally, anyone who will join you in fighting Devil SFS Drug (sugar fat salt) and who'll hold you when the stuffed-down pain wells up.
  • Five Easy Steps: you'll see the junk fall away from you like leaves from a tree in autumn :)

I know the depth of your despair. I know that hell. Addiction is your only hope of killing yourself without a gun, isn't it? It was my hope. I wanted to be dead.

Or is pain driving you mad? Relentlessly, day-after-day. I know that pain too. I suffered excruciating toothache that kept me awake at night, with no money for a dentist.

Today you won't find an aspirin in my house, nothing, not even deodorant or toothpaste. I simply have no need for *any* medication, recreational or medicinal. It all fell away from me over the years, as I slowly grew into living foods.

The only item in my bathroom cabinet is my OraMD to keep my teeth & gums strong.

Surgery and medication are useless (except in a car crash). Only God's food will build new cells. Cut, poison, burn — surgery, drugs, radiation — is no way to talk to the miracle of YOU.

You're ALIVE. God creates food that's ALIVE for you :)

"Food is a love note from God. It says I love you and I shall take care of you and sustain you with the offerings of my earth. ... Eating consciously is a way of opening one's heart to God."

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Conscious Eating (2000)

Living Plants for Living Beings!

Your living cells want living food — plants that are growing in the moment you eat them. They need very little, if any, dead flesh and dairy, as proven by 200 years of nutritional research.

With Raw LIVING food, you get a new lease on life. It's like moving into the home of your dreams. I have a spanking new body, new brain, new soul even.

My old soul was lost. I was blind. Now I see! Simply because my teeth were so sore, I had no choice but to turn to Mother Nature for help.

Many of my readers have discovered the same miracle!

When it comes to food, if it's made by man, it's madness.

If it's made by God, it's good.

I hope my website inspires you to drop the madness, and hold tight to the good. Your life depends on it, you know that.

Please don't beat yourself up when you do choose insanity — as I did, day after day after day. It took me 15 years until I was finally free of pizza and chocolate. I just kept on Reaching for Raw, a little more each month.

Today I can eat or drink anything I want. 99% of the time what I want is raw, alive, or fresh home-cooked.

At a party or a meal out with friends, I'll happily enjoy some junk, and there's no binge reaction. I'm free! SFS Drug — Sugar, Fat, Salt — no longer controls me. My clean bloodstream and strong cells are in control.

You'll make it through. Just take any one of the Five Steps daily! Will you post them on your bathroom mirror?

1. Energy Soup or Green Smoothie, 2. Green Juices, 3. Raw Living Plants, 4. Clean your Colon, 5. Join a Group.

One step at a time, You WILL Break Free of Cravings & Pain!

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Hello Val, I really love your site, it has to be one of the best raw food sites I have found on the net.

Simon B.


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