Free Plans to Build Your Own Automatic Sprouter!

March 28, 2017

Are you eating LIVING foods today?

The secret is in the life force. You know that. When life goes, you go! You pass on, as I remind Pastor Mark, you don't pass away.

When you eat the life force, you're eating the pure energy of the Creator of infinite Universes, a Creator so vast, yet able to squeeze Her energy into every living plant.

Do you marvel at this miracle? Do you see tiny seeds growing every day? Into radiant green leaves?

It's time to enter a magical world and build your own Automatic Sprouter!

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Happy User Feedback

Dan of Belgium, Wisconsin, wrote of my Sprouter Plans:

"I just got the instructions for 9.95 [my note, I used to sell my Plans but now I give them away for Free] and it's the best 'plans' money I've spent.

I am an engineering consultant to inventors, and I see a lot of those "Send 10.00 for plans" advertisements, which never yield more than a couple of faded, hard to read pages of vague instructions.

I downloaded your instructions and it is very thorough and professional. This will save me a lot of time on my sprouter project."

Which Sprouter Will You Build?

Using my Free plans, Geoff M. in Australia turned this $46, 4-shelf greenhouse from his local hardware store into a Fresh Living Foods haven!

With my plans, Geoff & his family enjoy fresh living sprouts, microgreens & wheatgrass
4-tier greenhouse with PVC cover that Geoff bought locally in Australia

Do you see the 24 trays of sprouts, microgreens & wheatgrass Geoff & Rebekkah are growing? On their apartment balcony, in a space only 2ft wide, 1.5ft deep & 5ft high (69x49x160 cm).

Geoff writes:

"We have been blessed by what you have shared and hopefully our variation will bless or encourage someone else."

Instead of connecting to a faucet, Geoff opted for a 30-liter drum (8-gal) connected to a 100psi 12v water pump which "works great!"

Fresh green wheatgrass for the family to juice!
Or use a plastic container to build a 6-tray or 12-tray Automatic Sprouter connected to a faucet
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Hello Val, I really love your site, it has to be one of the best raw food sites I have found on the net.

Simon B.

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