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May 19, 2022

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wheatgrass juice for the raw food diet of Ann Wigmore

At the heart is one simple truth

 Blended and Juiced LIVING GREENS are the 


Is Juicing Essential?

Only if you're an addict, then juicing is essential. And if you're in your first year of going raw. Then it's best to juice as often as possible.

Truth is, I've never met anyone who is not an addict! I've lived on three continents, traveled to a fourth, and met thousands of people.

Addicts, we think, are those dirty smelly gutter people begging for a quarter for one more beer. Or what's their hit for today? I know that life. I was a street alcoholic.

Actually addiction is when you can't give it up. You can't take it or leave it, as you can when you pass a photocopy shop. When you need a photocopy, you go in. When you don't, you hardly notice it.

For some addicts, it's like an outside evil power forces you to eat it, or drink it, or fix it. I felt like the devil had me, for sure! But the "evil force" is just imbalance in your biochemistry.

Juicing is the quick way to balance your cells and end addiction.

Are You An Addict?

You must have it. That's when you know you're addicted.

When do you know you are free? When you can eat anything and drink anything — but it triggers no WANT-MORE reaction in you.

Indeed, you never want that junk in the first place. You never buy it. But occasionally to be social with friends and family, it's nice to eat it or drink it, enjoy it, and then forget it.

When you never buy it, never think about it, and never notice it in a store, you are FREE.

IT refers to anything that's not a fresh fruit or vegetable, raw nut or seed. IT is factory foods and flesh food.

Take Neil, my boss in New York City (when I lived there). Lunch for Neil was turkey on a roll with lettuce. No one would dream Neil is an addict. Except me. I know how addictive white flour, white sugar and dead flesh is. I've seen my niece's little boy get addicted by the age of three.

Today my blood stream and tissues are so super clean from raw foods and juicing, I'm free to enjoy a glass of wine at a party with my friends — if I feel like it. I've learned never to have any food or drink if my body does not feel like it in that moment.

Friends ask me, "How can you have a drink when you're an alcoholic?" I answer: "I don't react like I used to. There was a time if I touched one drop, I could not stop."

Juicing Ends Addiction

Addiction can be on multiple levels:

  • from the physics — is your energy in tune with the Zero Point Field? Raw foods tune you in automatically!**
  • to the molecular — are you missing a vital chemical?
  • right up to the mind — do you know WHY you want it? Why do you choose sickness over health? Bernie Siegel says to ask yourself what happened 2 years before the disease showed up.
  • and on any level in-between!

Do you harbor a parasite or candida yeast that's driving you to the butcher or baker? Do you even see McDonalds as a butcher? It's all so neatly wrapped by that stage.

Since the source of your Addiction is multiple variables, am I being simplistic when I say, Juicing is the quickest way to end addictions?

Not at all. Ultimately cells in your body are unbalanced. They're missing nutrients they need, and they're hampered by waste they don't need. Trash like saturated fats, pesticides, drugs, white flour — believe me, it all settles somewhere.

Juicing fresh leafy greens is the quick way to clean out the trash, feed yourself nutrients, and BREAK FREE of addiction. Buy just-picked greens at farmers' markets and grow your own in a Sprouter.

In the old days when I scoffed down sugar by the ton, I experienced that the more green juices I drank, the more the craving evaporated.

** re. Zero Point Field: "At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness." (Lynne McTaggart, The Field - The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, 2008)

   My note: When we're not in tune, our actions destroy life. When we're in tune, we act to promote and enhance life.

Trust Your Power

We humans are so silly when we think only two things motivate us:

  • Fear — movement away from pain, and
  • Love — movement toward pleasure.

We need to trust our own power more. Trust in your power to turn on your genes. Do you believe you need meat protein, that you can't get enough protein from leafy greens, fruit and all the lovely colors of nature?

Or do you realize you have genes that were digesting leafy greens for millennia before you ever made a tool to kill an animal? Do you know you have the power to turn on those genes?

All you need do is think differently and act differently. You actually turn genes on and off with every thought, every belief, every emotion, and every action. YOU are the driver here.

Personally I experience there's two of us driving. Driver #1 is a higher power which I call Consciousness or Intelligent Energy, but all words are good — God, Goddess, Allah, the Mystery.

Driver #2 is me, I'm the co-pilot. It's a living dance between Grace and Service. There's the gift of Consciousness (grace) and the power of Personal Choice (service).

Juice Up Your Life

What are you doing today to change your life? Begin with Juicing!

The longer we've been abusing a substance, the more addicted we are. For most of us, the abuse began on the day our mother weaned us. The first food I saw in my great-nephew's tiny baby hand was a digestive biscuit.

Addictions take years to sweep away, out of our tissues — not months! So long as the toxins are flowing into our blood stream, we will feel terrible, just as you describe — no energy, huge cravings. But when you get past it, the freedom is heaven! Energy comes from clean cells, it does not come from dead animal flesh.

The cleaner your cells are, the more energetically alive you are! Energy flows freely from cell to cell. Junk like saturated fat traps energy, blocks it from flowing freely. If you want high energy beyond your dreams, clean your cells out!

Juicing is the quick way to clean a cell. GREEN drinks are the best, see how to make one here.

Some raw fooders continue to juice for life. Most famous was Dr. Norman Walker. For myself, I juiced intensively the first few years of going raw. Then it petered out.

At 95% raw and with no addictions, I seldom feel a need to juice today. You'll see I may mention at times that I juice daily. That's because I wrote different pages of this site at different stages of my evolution. For many years I did juice daily or every second day.

Juice It or Eat It?

Steve Meyerowitz of writes:

"Juices provide nourishment. Their wealth of antioxidants, saponins, polyphenols, proanthrocyanidins, bioflavonoids, etc., all serve to enhance cleansing, healing, and the repair your body needs.

Juicing provides greater nourishment than eating. Do you think you're getting 100% of what you eat? Sure, food goes in and out. But that's just plumbing. Real digestion is the absorption and delivery of nutrients to your glands, organs, and tissues.

This is where juicing excels. Juice does not stop in the stomach. It goes right into the small intestine, through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. No digestion necessary. That's as close to perfect absorption as you'll ever get.

Juice is a concentrate. So, while you would never eat a pound of carrots (impossible), you can easily drink the nutritional extract from a pound of carrots and have it enter your bloodstream within 60 seconds."

Personally I don't agree with carrot juice, it's too high in hybridized sugars. But Sproutman's point is perfect — only juicing gives you instant nutrition.

Give Time to Juicing

Rome was not built in a day. We don't clean and rebuild all our cells in a day. Give the fresh juices time to work.

From the day I first entered AA in 1985 to the year I got sober in 1988, to the day I found I'm able to enjoy a glass of champagne at a wedding, it took twenty years!

Same with prescription medication. In 1979-1980 I suffered from painful hemorrhoids, brought on by an excess of dairy and alcohol. I stuffed endless suppositories up my backside, as prescribed by the doctors. Do you know that only in 2008 — 16 years after I began to eat more raw — did my tissues expunge all that gunge?

Yellow stuff came out over a 7-month period. I never went to the doctor because I had no pain. Only when it stopped as suddenly as it began, did I realize it was those hemorrhoid creams, stuck in the cells of my rectum for 30 years.

Why give up in six months? Give yourself as long a time as you've been trapped in the addiction — from infancy to how old are you today?

Meat, chicken and fish are especially hard to give up. I craved hamburger, day-after-day, in my first year of going vegetarian!

Trust in your power to switch on genes. All the tools you need to eat high-raw and plant-strong is in every cell inside you. Juicing will give you the power.

Grow Your Grass

GoGreen Sprouter
Trays of wheatgrass grown in my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter by Dean in PA

An AUTOMATIC Sprouter gives you Wheatgrass & LIVING Greens FRESH Every Day — Quick 'n Easy!

Read My Factual Comparison of Juicers

"When you give your body incredible food, it will function incredibly.

To achieve your mission on Earth, you need excellent health ... Diet is the mysterious key to life-long massive abundance."

David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System (2000)

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