Organic Hydroponic Gardening

Grow Lettuce and Tomatoes Outdoors!

Automatic Watering!

In the Verti-Gro Outdoor Garden, water and nutrients are drip-irrigated into each pot from above.

This is NOT a recirculating system like the Verti-Gro Indoor Garden. The Outdoor Garden uses the fertilizer solution once only. Remember it's also feeding more pots!

Note the weed control fabric on the ground. You supply a 32-gal. trash can for water-nutrient tank, and 3 pieces of 3/4" x 60" conduit.


Hydroponic Garden


Verti-Gro Outdoor Garden has 12 Pots. You enjoy 3 or 4 Stacks with 3 or 4 Pots each. Add more Stacks at any time.

Gives you a lot of lettuce, tomatoes and leafy greens in a small space with fully automatic watering!

Vertical Towers (VT) mean high density growing. To ensure all your greens enjoy the most light, you can rotate the pots once a week.

The Outdoor Garden comes with a Rotating Assembly – a simple low-cost way to easily rotate pots, that uses PVC pipe and a plastic swivel plate.


Outdoor Hydroponics


This is how the Verti-Gro Outdoor Garden works with multiple Stacks

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