Growall — Create Edible Walls!

Grow leafy greens on any wall and not a drop of water touches the wall :)
grow wall
Look at the lovely lettuces, parsley, chives, basil and spinach all growing in one wall panel. Each plant is in its own regular flower-pot, watered by a drip system behind the panel.

No soil is needed! We're testing it with Oceangrown Solution, a nutrient mix that contains every single element from the ocean. There's no soil that contains all the minerals, only the ocean does! One reason I LOVE hydroponics. Also it's so easy to grow stuff with no weeds or bugs to bother you.

It recycles its nutrient solution via a water reservoir at the bottom.

This was grown outdoors in Canada. Dan is testing it indoors too. Wow, imagine if offices could have edible walls! Refreshing everyone with oxygen and the joy of watching the MIRACLE of LIFE unfold.

Each panel is only 37"x14"x5" which means its lenth + girth is 75 inches, so it fits within USPS max size of 79." This means it's one of the few hydroponic systems that can be shipped globally (including to Africa) at the cheapest rate.

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