How One Mother Healed Her Sinusitis, Acne & Joint Pain


Today’s guest blog is by Lisa Reinhardt. Lisa describes how, when she began to eat fresh plant foods, she healed years and years of pain.

Lisa is a certified parent coach at and a green smoothie enthusiast at

Families are transformed by her unique holistic approach.

Life was not always so happy for Lisa. She reports…

Life Is Beautiful

I have it all. I have a beautiful family and home. I have a job that is truly a vocation. I live in a community where people know each other. We walk around safely outside. We are close to one of the Great Lakes.

I am able to laugh often, and play with my kids. I am so grateful. I feel so blessed. Yet I am humbled by how long it has taken me to get to this place.

I was not born into a world of beauty and abundance. I had to craft it one piece at a time. Isn’t that the way it goes sometimes?

My Suffering Began In Childhood

My journey of disease started with my parent’s perspective on lifestyle and health. I do not by any means want to sound judgmental. We all come to different realizations at different times.

My childhood experiences led me to an adult world-view filled with obstacles. I had a victim mentality.

A pill will fix it. This isn’t fair. Too expensive. I don’t have enough.

Needless to say, I was unhappy. I never knew radiant health. My body hurt. My hip was constantly hurting. I felt like it was going to go out. I had neck pain from a childhood injury. I would be “sore” when there was no good reason to be.

And… There were the sinus infections. I had sinus surgery as a teenager but did it help? Not a whit.

My sinusitis wasn’t a week or two of stuffy nose and excessive sneezing. No, I’d get dreadful infections. They made me sick with fever, affecting my ability to speak. Often the doctor prescribed antibiotics.

And.. There was my skin. I’d have horrible acne — large angry looking cysts. Sometimes they were so big, I had to have them drained. They’d appear in unsightly places, especially on my back.

It’s fair to say, I was miserable. I never felt good physically. I thought there was no way I could change it.

I Discover My Food Allergies


Dr. Maria Montessori saw that children are inherently good and that, if allowed to develop freely, they feel connected to everything, and are naturally caring to each other and the world around them.

I’m unable to pinpoint the pivotal moment in my life when my shift began. It grew when I became a Montessori teacher in my late twenties.

The Montessori approach — connecting everything together — led me to new books and fresh conversations.

I began to explore alternative medicine. Conventional medicine was doing nothing for my health. So I looked for a new path.

I tried this and that. Truth is, while there are good options out there, I have learned you need to address the big picture.

I met with a medical professional who tested my food sensitivities. A saliva test showed my body can’t handle gluten (in grain) or casein (in dairy).

The diagnosis? My allergic reaction to gluten and casein was causing all my musculo-skeletal pain and excessive mucus!

Slowly I Begin to Change

I wish I could say I received the news graciously. I did not. I went through a grieving process. I thought I’d never be able to eat with others again.

  • Instead of embracing this opportunity for better health,
  • Instead of avoiding dairy and glutenous grains,
  • I complained. I looked for every possible replacement food.

Then I came across Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss. He inspired me to experiment.

  • I cut out bread and bread-replacements.
  • I cut out dairy and dairy-replacements, except for coconut milk (mostly in a carton).
  • I dramatically reduced my meat intake from the main course, to a side dish at some meals.

I did this for 30 days. Just to see. It was just an experiment.

Vegetables Transform My Life

Wow. The result was way beyond anything I ever expected. First, my joint pain totally cleared up. Then my ugly skin boils went away. And I can’t tell you the last time I had a sinus infection.

That’s just the start. My energy levels soared. I enjoy a good night’s sleep. I lost some weight. My moods improved. I cope more easily with life.

My severe allergy to cats is gone. I have one friend where I couldn’t be in her house for more than half an hour. Now we can chat for hours. No asthma issues at all.

Needless to say the “experiment” continues! I eat a Green Smoothie every morning for breakfast, and a vegetarian soup or salad at lunch.

For dinner, we try a variety of dishes. We like to cook together as a family, and we have fun doing it!

My Children Love Vegetables

One of the best things for me as a mom, is that my children enjoy their vegetables. I don’t make a second meal for them. They eat what we eat. They love it.

In addition to all the physical benefits, my whole perspective on life has shifted. I realize now, I don’t need to be a victim. I have the power of choice.

I can be proactive and directly influence the outcome of my health and my life.

I practice gratitude and openness. I look for ways to help others. I smile as often as I can 🙂


P.S. from Val

Read my in-depth guide to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live program.

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Hello Val, I really love your site, it has to be one of the best raw food sites I have found on the net.

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