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Did you know the green you see in Nature – called chlorophyll – is the most powerful healer on earth?

For three million years before we humans discovered fire or made a tool to kill an animal, we ate green leaves. 

Our cells have been eating green ever since the first cell gulped down another one!  Three and a half billion years ago, the first living cell on earth was green (blue-green algae).  Multi-celled organisms came along 650 million years ago. 

Research shows the more leafy greens you eat, the longer you live.  Eating animals, birds, milk and eggs is a bigger risk for early death than smoking! [research with vegetarian 7th Day Adventists]

Eating green is the only ecologically sustainable, cruelty-free way for a human.  Saves you money, too – medical costs are the no. 1 cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States today. 

Blended greens and juiced greens are the secret to healing.  With Energy Soup (blended greens) and Wheatgrass Juice, Dr. Ann Wigmore healed thousands of their pain – cancer, heart disease, AIDS, asthma, diabetes, pneumonia, depression, and even leprosy in India. 

But don't take her word for it!  Test Energy Soup for yourself.  Your life is so precious.

Dr. Wigmore wrote:  "The most important key in getting back to health is to use blended foods in small amounts frequently throughout the day. ... the key foods are Energy Soup, Rejuvelac, and Wheatgrass Chlorophyll."

"Energy Soup contains every nutrient your body needs in a balanced form.  It enables your body to cleanse and rebuild. ... Only fresh, organic food ... has the capacity to rebuild diseased bodies." (Rebuild Your Health, 1991) 


Heal Muscle Injury


I suffered a painful foot injury from a crazy New York courier cyclist who rode into me outside Macy's.  For three years I could not sit cross-legged, turn my foot in the shower to wash it, or walk for long.

To my surprise, Energy Soup and Wheatgrass Juice completely lifted the pain.  The bone and muscle grew so strong that today there's not a hint of any injury.


Brain Power + Joy


Chlorophyll's nucleic and amino acid profile meets the protein needs of our brain – it builds the neuropeptides for creative thought and positive emotion.  Energy Soup and Wheatgrass Juice are 100% magical chlorophyll.

With Energy Soup and Wheatgrass Juice, you respond positively to life's challenges.  Blended and juiced greens lifted my years of depression, so I was free to start my own business – teaching how to heal with living foods!


Chlorophyll : Cleanser


Chlorophyll served as both disinfectant and antibiotic in the Civil War, before drugs were developed.  Still today we use it to treat sewage waste.

Chlorophyll cleans out diseased tissue and wastes, and the parasites and bacteria feeding on them.  Chlorophyll's unique chemical properties clean you out inside.

Chlorophyll removes toxic synthetic chemicals.  It gives you a bath inside.  The chlorophyll molecule has a hydrophobic (water-hating) tail that it digs into the hydrocarbons stuck to your cell walls, and pulls them away from the wall – in the same way that soap washes oil off our hands.  Hydrocarbons are pesticides, old drugs, food flavorings – anything that was synthesized in a laboratory from petroleum.

Your liver's job is to dismantle these synthetic chemicals and keep them out of your bloodstream.  Chlorophyll helps to heal your liver – to lighten its load.  If you have liver problems, you must stop eating pesticides!  Grow organic greens at home in an Automatic Sprouter.

Chlorophyll makes short work of heavy metals.  The adhesive cellulose in its cell wall sticks to the metal atoms so they're carried out as waste.

Chlorophyll is the Grand Sweeper. It throws out catarrh and mucus from the lungs, acid crystals and inorganic minerals from your joints, cholesterol and saturated fat deposits from arteries.


Chlorophyll : Energy Giver


Do you know what it's like to feel refreshed and alive at five in the evening?  You will when you make Energy Soup!

You feel calmer in the first month of Energy Soup.  Your depression lifts.  And energy pours into your life.

Energy comes from eating energy – fresh living food energy!

And energy comes from the oxygen and glucose chains (polysaccharides) in freshly picked and juiced green leaves (old green leaves may have more carbon monoxide than oxygen!).  Your cells burn oxygen and glucose to make a molecule called ATP.

ATP is the gasoline of our body.  No gas, no go.  Your brain especially is dependant on ATP for all its high-speed signaling.  That's why people who work a lot on computers crave sugar so much – eat my raw-food carrot-cake crackers instead! (see recipe under Dehydrating).

Raw organic baby carrots are a delicious chocolate substitute and help to reduce sugar cravings.  Munch on them when your computer is enslaving you.

Energy comes from extra red blood cells, to carry oxygen to our cells. Chlorophyll is the fastest builder of red blood cells.  Your CBC (blood cell count) goes up within days of drinking wheatgrass juice (an Automatic Sprouter grows beautiful oxygen-rich wheatgrass!).

Hemoglobin is the molecule in red blood cells that transports the oxygen.  Chlorophyll and hemoglobin are nearly identical in structure.  At their center, there's a difference of only one atom.  It seems that enzymes in our blood easily convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin.


Strong Immune System


Bugs with big bulbous eyes and giant mandibles crawl all over our body, even nesting in our eyelashes.  All life teems with single-celled organisms – viruses, bacteria, yeasts, parasites.  Those that lead to disease are called germs.

Germs never attack a healthy cell.  They feed only on decay and disease.  Bacteria especially are scavengers.  Their job is to break down and dispose of dying and dead cells.

Physically, a virus is no match for a human cell.  A cell is thousands of times bigger and more complex than any virus.  For a virus to get through a cell's defenses, latch onto its DNA and so kill the cell from within – is like a football flying through the windowpane of a skyscraper and knocking the whole building down! (Dr. Deepak Chopra's analogy)

When viruses, yeast and bacteria get into our bodies and invade cells, it's almost as if the cell has given up the ghost.  Why?  Because your poor cell is:

  • Weak and starving for nutrients – when you eat factory food, and don't eat fresh living food;

  • Suffocating from mucus clogging its membrane – when you eat milk, cheese and all dairy;

  • Poisoned by foreign chemicals and acid ash in the blood, especially from eating flesh;

  • Unable to build workers and machinery for its operations – because it lacks the essential amino and fatty acids, when you don't eat fresh leafy greens daily, and seed milks; and

  • Is unprotected by the cell wall, because it's been punched with holes from free radicals – when you eat irradiated or fried foods, or any food with synthetic chemicals.
Eating flesh foods (meat, chicken, fish, dairy) weakens our immune system more than any other single thing we do.  Their large undigested protein molecules leak through your gut into your blood, where white blood cells attack them as foreign invaders.

Eating Energy Soup daily and drinking FRESH GREEN juices – made in a wheatgrass juicer – strengthens our immune system faster than anything else.

Also, now that I eat bean sprouts every day, their high protein has given me such a strong immune system, I never get colds or the flu any more – not even when I worked in New York and traveled the congested city subway at rush hour.


Do Not Believe Me!


Entire books exist on the healing power of fresh greens.  The bottom line is, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD I SAY.

Test it for yourself.

Make Energy Soup or Green Smoothies five times a week for one monthplease go here to print the recipe now.

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Sprouter Feedback

Connie of Encinitas, California, writes:

My husband is so happy with our sprouters and how he's feeling after his blends.

Your Sprouter is such a great invention.  I grow ALL my sprouts in mine – baby greens, beans, grains, and sunflower.

Everything turns out so much better than any other method.

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