L'EQUIP Dehydrator Tech Specs

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L'Equip is truly the most advanced dehydrator in the world today. It's the only one designed in the 21st century! It's free of the problems we see in the older dehydrators designed decades ago.

On this page I describe Model #528. A newer better model is the slightly more expensive L'Equip FilterPro which has these additional features:

  • Unique filtered air intake
  • LED Temperature Display —
  • giving precise temperature control
  • Cord storage
  • Accessory Yogurt Cups
  • Digital Timer, auto-shut off
  • ETL Certified

Here's a diagram of L'Equip:

1-Top lid with ventilation; 2-Base, with 3-Heating Element and Motor Fan; 4-On-off Switch; 5-Plug; 6-Trays; 7-Temperature Control Knob; 8-Center hole in Tray for even distribution of warm air; 9-Tray with mesh screen.

Protect your family's health. Save and preserve foods without synthetic chemicals and preservatives — these unnatural chemicals have been shown to mimic hormones in our body, turning reactions on that shouldn't occur and blocking reactions that should.

Model No. 528, UL listed and CSA certified
Color Choice of Gray or White
Weight 10 lbs. — Shipping 12.3 lbs
Unit Dimensions 17 x 11 x 10-1/2 inches or 43 x 28 x 27 cm
Power Voltage 120v / AC / 60Hz. It does not work well at 220v. I tried using a 600w voltage converter because South Africa (like UK, Europe) is 220v, but L'Equip repeatedly broke and the manufacturers told me it's not designed to work with a converter. If your country is 220v, rather get a 220v Excalibur.
Power Consumption 550 w (watts)
Solid-state Thermostat with Heat Sensor Heat sensor checks temperature from top to bottom 60 times a second, and adjusts thermostat to maintain desired temperature. It's controlled electronically, not with a mechanical device as with other dehydrators — the result is a much more precise control of temperature
Temperature Range Wide range from lowest temp. 92°F (33°C) — perfect for making yogurt — to highest 158°F (70°C) in 3 degree increments
Total Drying area Each tray approx. one sqare feet, making 6 sq.ft for six trays — add  trays to a maximum of 20, but then you must rotate them
Space between Trays 3/4-inch, which is perfect for drying fruits, vegetables and crackers, but not for a pie dish — Excalibur 2900 with its removable trays is best for this
Durable On-off switch and separate Temperature Dial Knob For optimal temperature control
Replacement Parts Available from USA
Returns Repair or replacement for manufacturing flaws or defects
Warranty Full TWELVE Years Manufacturer's Warranty — L'Equip is committed to manufacturing the highest quality, most user-friendly health appliances that perform well, and have a unique design to complement any kitchen
Uniform, consistent drying Superbly captures the good taste and nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables (and meats) because it dries food uniformly and consistently, even in the corners and on every tray
Superior air-flow Unique airflow design allows air to naturally rise and pass around and through food to gently absorb moisture, and with uniform drying, there's never a need to move trays (if you stick to 6)
Powerful, quiet-running, motorized Fan Centrally placed to ensure all air circulates uniformly; air-flow does not depend on convection as with cheaper dehydrators, so your drying time is less
Stable food-drying environment Heat sensor analyzes temperature 60 times per second — your food is never over- or under-cooked, and you get the exact texture you want
Solid heating element No flimsy heating coil — L'Equip's heating element will not warp or stretch out of shape
Protected heating unit No spills, or light grains like sprouted quinoa, can ever fall into the electric components, instead they hit the easily-cleaned base tray
High capacity Expand trays to 20 (12 square feet of drying area) as your needs grow, but then trays need to be rotated — Excalibur 2900 is best for high-capacity
Almost unbreakable trays Food-grade ABS polymer will not crack
Low-cost, efficient operation Costs only pennies per hour — heat sensor minimizes usage of heating element
High-performance drying Reliable 24-hour operation
Opaque exterior Blocks light to preserve nutrition
Quality Construction ABS polymer cabinet is high-grade, high-impact, lightweight and easy to lift, easy to clean
Compact space-saving design Rectangular design stores compactly, takes up very little space

Enjoy Tasty Home-Dried Snacks Anytime Anywhere

6 Trays Each with grid-like bottom for good air-flow
6 Mesh Liners, flexible Non-stick removable liners covering base of each tray make it easy for cleaning
2 Solid (fruit-leather) Sheets Best to buy pack of 10 extra — for fruit leathers, sprouted grain crackers, and all blended snacks such as cashew yogurt
1 Mesh Bag For potpourris
1 Owner's Manual With recipes and charts describing preparation, drying times, storage, etc.
Owner's manual comes with order form at the back to order these optional extras direct from L'Equip in USA, as your needs grow
Tray Set — includes 2 trays, 2 mesh liners, 2 fruit-leather sheets See Amazon for price
Mesh Liner — available in singles See Amazon for price
Fruit-leather Sheets — pack of 10 See Amazon for price
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