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The 3 High-Speed Blenders are the Vita-Mix, the K-Tec Champ HP3 (also known as Blendtec) and L'Equip Model 228 RPM.

In the Vita-Mix chart below, you'll also see K-Tec and L'Equip mentioned at times.

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  4500 5000 super5000
Feature Vita-Mix 4500 Vita-Mix 5000 Vita-Mix Super 5000
Color Black, with a gray & white control panel Black or White
Unit Dimensions All models are 7.25" Wide x 8.75" Deep x 20" High
Shipping Dimensions 17"Length x 12"W x13"H — length + girth is 67-inches, that's under the USPS maximum of 79" for some countries, e.g. Africa, making it cheap to ship globally 24"L x 12"W x 13"H — length + girth is 74-inches, just under the USPS max of 79"
Shipping Weight 14 lbs 15 lbs 18 lbs
Power Voltage 110v only 110v and 220v. Vita-Mix does not distribute the 4500 outside USA + Canada, only the 5000 line for which they'll honor the warranty only through their regional distributor in your country.
Power Consumption 1380w for all models — most blenders are 350w, so the Vita-Mix is 4 times more powerful than a household blender
Motor Capacity Heavy-duty 11.5 amp, 2+ peak horsepower motor engineered for everyday use, year after year — far more powerful motor than the 1hp 3amp of L'Equip blender
Motor Speed in RPM (revolutions per minute)

Max 37,500 rpm — K-Tec is only 28,000 and L'Equip only 20,000; Vita-Mix is so fast, it can both cook warm soup and freeze ice cream, see 34 Ways to Use Vita-Mix.

When you invest in a High Speed Blender, you naturally want the HIGHEST SPEED BLENDER. These RPM figures prove that Vita-mix is the fastest Blender on earth.

To get an idea of its speed, compare centrifugal ejection juicers at 7,000 rpm. Vita-Mix is five times faster.

Reliable Motor Built for Long Life Thermally protected motor prevents burnout — if overheated, it stops until the motor cools down. Dan writes: "this happened to us a couple of times when we really overworked it." No need to keep fuses in stock because there's no fuse to blow.
Patented Blade Design All Vita-Mix share the same high-performance motor and patented 4-prong blade (K-Tec only has 2-prong); stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings
Power Control Main on/off power switch in front — easy-to-clean front panel has moisture shielded switches
Blending Speeds 2-speed — 1 low/high switch 1 low/high switch, 1 variable speed dial — when you flip the switch to high the variable switch is no longer active
User Control You control the power + speed. The flip-switch allows you to blend and stop with each unique batch, as you see it reaching the texture you want. K-Tec has a computer panel I don't like because its blending cycles are pre-timed with automatic shut-off — as Jill writes in Compare Blenders, she could never figure it out!
Single-piece Break Resistant Polycarbonate Container Polycarbonate is FDA approved and extremely hygienic, food washes off easily from its surface. All 3 models grind grains and seeds in this container, e.g. 1/4 to 1/2 cup flax seed to a powder. I see no need for the separate grain container of the Super 5000. Personally I prefer a $12 coffee grinder for seeds like sesame and flax (linseed) and a flour mill for grains.
Container Size 64 ounces (second carafe in Super 5000 is same size). All 3 models blend to smooth consistency whether container is full or nearly empty — 4oz blends to same high quality as 64oz. L'Equip blender is a small 52 oz. K-Tec can't blend small quantities because its blades are too high.
Container Lid Flexible 2-piece thermoplastic lid has a removable plug for adding ingredients while blending
Rubber Insulator between Container and Base Makes the Vita-Mix quieter than the K-Tec which does not have this

Extras Included


1 Tamper to push foods into blender, 94-page Recipe book with nearly 200 recipes, separate Owner's Manual Same as Super 5000 but without Whole Grains cookbook 1 Tamper, Whole Food recipes cookbook, Getting Started cookbook, Whole Grains cookbook, Quickstart Instructional Video
Reliability Built to last a lifetime, you can see the rugged construction. Durable components ensure trustworthy performance.
Returns To US manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio — repair or replacement for manufacturing flaws.
Replacement Parts From factory in Ohio — Vita-Mix has been in business for 80 years, for decades we've seen fantastic service from them
Warranty 5 years 7 years 7 years
  4500 5000 Super 5000

Up to 240 miles per hour!


Virtually unbreakable Container


Patented stainless steel Blades with sealed ball bearings


Metal to metal Driver contact to last a lifetime

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