The Best Blender Is a Vita-Mix Blender — See your Addictions Fall Away!

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Addiction — eating the same junk food over and over —
is your body-mind clamoring for Nature's nutrients

Feed your cells the Food they need
and you'll find you are Free!

I thought I was mentally unbalanced when I drank again and again, smoked again and again, ate at McDonald's again and again (I was vegetarian but addicted to strawberry milkshake with french fries).

I went to a Ph.D. therapist in New York City. She helped me to see why I did it, but it didn't stop. I could not stop. I have no will-power (I was an alcoholic for 23 years). We had no idea my problem was imbalanced biochemistry.

The month I began to blend raw Energy Soup, I saw light at the end of my dark tunnel. For the first time in my life I knew I'd break free from my torment of self-destruct. That is the power of blended greens. Today every addiction has gone. My cells are fulfilled and happy with Nature's sweet foods.

Please, I beg you, give Green Smoothies a chance, give balanced nutrition her day. You were born for laughter and love. You were born to feel good every day.

There are two paths — the dark way of whipping yourself, oh mea culpa, my fault, why don't I have any will-power? It's an outside dark force in control of my life, forcing me to eat and eat and eat.

Then there's the path of light. Whatever you crave, FIRST have a Green Smoothie. Five days a week for one year. Eat whatever you like (I did) but promise me you'll make your GREEN Smoothie first.

LIVING greens are the best food for balance. Because they're in perfect balance, alive in the moment you eat them. Only here will you find the GoGreen Sprouter to grow greens without soil. Living greens work quicker than greens from the market.

I empty an entire Sprouter tray of greens like sunflower into my blender, add fruit in season, and you know what? I don't want chocolate muffin today. My cells are satisfied. It's magic to see a satisfied cell. One moment it's clamoring "gimme, gimme," the next it's saying "thank you."

Unique Meals with a Vita-Mix High-Speed Blender

Photos + text are © Vita-Mix Corp. I eat high-raw plant-strong. My Vita-Mix & iPod are my most precious possessions!


Juice whole fruits and vegetables creamy-smooth


Create luscious low-fat frozen treats in seconds


Cook steaming-hot soup from fresh produce


Grind healthy whole grains, full of fiber


Knead whole-grain pizza dough


Dice fresh salsa, loaded with lycopene


Blend fruit with ice into thick shakes

nut butters

Make preservative-free fresh nut butters


Emulsify low-calorie salad dressings easily

baby foods

Purée fresh natural baby foods in a flash


Melt cheese or chocolate for quick and easy fondues


Cream party-perfect spreads, dips & patés


Chop cheese from coarse to fine effortlessly


Whip cream to peak perfection


Frappé fabulous coffees, low in fat and sugar


Mix batters for satisfying heart healthy breakfasts


Grind herbs, fresh from your garden or dried


Crack whole grains for cereals full of foliate


Homogenize restaurant quality frozen drinks


Create lump-free sauces and gravies — no stirring


Mill grains and beans for gluten-free diets


Make non-dairy nut or soy-based milks


Crush a half-gallon of ice in 3 seconds


Cook up all-natural fruit spreads and sauces


Grind lean meats, saving money and nutrition


Crumb bread quickly and easily


Shred cooked meats for snacks


Powder sugar to top antioxidant rich fruit


Prepare pasta sauce with healthy lycopene


Hash sweet potatoes for a betacarotene burst


Make nutritious yogurt at home


Churn herb butters from fresh cream


Chop nutrient-dense slaw, rich in vitamin C


Dry-chop onions and eggs perfectly every time


Cleans itself in seconds with a drop of soap in water!


TRY IT in your home for 30 days! Discover how good you can look and how great you will feel!

Best Way to Lose Weight

Whole RAW foods are perfectly balanced to give YOU balance and wholeness.

You get — protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, enzymes, green chlorophyll, and nature's secret life-saving phytochemicals — only in a Vita-Mix!

Watch the Unwanted pounds drop away as you Enjoy your Smoothies!

Truth to tell, Jon Gabriel is our expert on losing weight with raw foods. Jon lost 226 pounds (103 kg) and has a body to die for.

How Cook AND Freeze?

How does the Vita-Mix Blender Cook Soups AND Freeze Ice-cream?

High-speed blade action is the secret to friction cooking and making frozen treats in the Vita-Mix! For frozen treats, the high-performance hammermill and cutting blades crush frozen ingredients and release coldness.

Vita-Mix processing is so fast, there is no time for melting and the mixture re-freezes itself.

For cooking soups, the blade speed builds a friction heat that brings fresh ingredients to steaming hot in 4-6 minutes. For rawfood soup, simply blend for one minute, and use water with hard root vegetables.

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Simon B.


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