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About Val: Born Valerie Kathleen Archer in Cape Town, South Africa, 1948. Graduated B.A. from Rhodes University in 1968, where I drank alcoholically from my first drink. As a hippie on psychedelic drugs in London 1972 I went vegetarian. Have voraciously read health books & magazines for nearly 50 years (except when I was too drunk to see the print). In New York 1988 I got sober (at age 40) and in 1992 painful toothaches led me to embrace -- slowly over many years! -- the high-raw living plants lifestyle. Today I write lessons for The Vegetarian Health Institute and answer nutrition questions from students of their Vegan & Vegetarian Mastery Program, an online program where you can earn a Vegan/Vegetarian Nutrition Certificate when you pass the exams. The Institute is accredited as a continuing professional educator provider by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. My fellow teachers include vegan Doctors and Registered Dietitians.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine – How to Do a No Fruit Diet

By Val Archer / Feb 15, 2017 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags:  

Do you enjoy fruit? Or does it hurt your teeth? When I came to living foods, I ate very little fruit. The juice seeping down into my cavities was too painful. Does fruit trigger carb cravings in you? Every summer when I blend a lot of watermelon, I want alcohol. It’s too much sugar hitting…Read More

Ann Wigmore Program to Clean & Rebuild Your Cells, and Heal Your Life

By Val Archer / Nov 10, 2016 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags: ,  

By Grand Central Station I sat down and wept. But I did not know how to cry. I had no feelings as an addict. And I just stole those beautiful words from Elizabeth Smart. You know the cry inside, don’t you? The cry for love, for happiness. Deep inside you know you are capable of…Read More

How to Stay Younger Longer when You Deeply Care for the Skin of Your Face & Body

By Val Archer / Sep 6, 2016 / Posted in Stay Young / Tags:  

Would you love to skip the gray hair stage of old age? The woman who saved my life, the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, did just this! Victoria Boutenko reports in Green For Life: “At the ripe age of 82, Dr. Ann didn’t have a single gray hair. This fact was so unbelievable that her students…Read More

Vitamin K2 to Prevent & Heal Cavities in Teeth and Build Strong Bones – for Vegans & Vegetarians

By Val Archer / Jun 27, 2016 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags:  

What’s the #1 email I receive? From vegan nursing mothers. What to do about their cavities, or their infant’s crumbling teeth… Mom Kai S. writes: “Dear Val — I have been vegan for several years, maybe 10, and vegetarian for thirty. I am now 46. My teeth started to decay pretty severely over the past…Read More

Lose Weight Quickly in 6 Weeks on Fruits & Vegetables! Joel Fuhrman Diet…

By Val Archer / Mar 27, 2016 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags:  

I have friends who love to diet! Even though I tell them NOT to. How about this diet: You don’t count calories. You never watch portion size. You eat as much as you want. What’s the catch? You have to go cold turkey on SFS drug for SIX WEEKS! Something I could never do when…Read More

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