Do Cravings & Pain Stalk You? Soar Into A New Life with Raw Living Plants!

SFS Drug

SFS Drug – thank you to David Icke for this image

Are you going insane? Overwhelmed by cravings and pain? I know your despair. I was there. I can help you.

Perhaps you are perfectly sane? You’re healthy, happy and free. You just want to eat food where you feel SAFE.

Either way, sane or insane, you’ll find every step of the way here. And in my weekly Newsletter.

My writing is my way to give out my old wise-woman wisdom to my tribe. I’m 71 🙂

I began Reaching for Raw food in 1992, at age 44.

Before that I was addicted to SFS drug — Sugar Fat Salt — donuts, chocolate, pizza, french fries, strawberry milkshakes, chips… you know the story.

Before that I was a gutter alcoholic for 23 years, from the age of 17 when I left home for college. You don’t want to know that story…

From gutter alcoholic, to a beautiful home with a pool near the beach. From wage slave as a temp legal secretary in London (when I was sober) and in New York, to the freedom of writing for you.

All I did was begin to eat raw living plants. It’s the only change I made in my life.

My insatiable addictions fell away one by one, like leaves from a tree in the fall.

raw foodThis is how raw foods will transform YOUR life. Every dream will come true for you. You simply learn one step at a time how to eat God’s food.

No need to be 100% raw vegan. Plant-strong high-raw is the magic. Flow with what YOU need today.

If you need junk, enjoy it. One day you’ll look at it and marvel, “People EAT that as FOOD?!? Eugh!”

Don’t whip yourself. Do you really want to die in a state of mea culpa? It’s all my fault…

Nothing is your fault. You are innocent.

What’s the First Step?

It’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? Especially if you’re in pain, as I was. I got sober in New York, but that didn’t stop Demon Sugar from destroying my life in its devilish grip.

Four years after I quit alcohol, excruciating toothache had me take my first step to Freedom. I started with Energy Soup. I made it once a day, five days a week for a year. After my Energy Soup I’d stuff myself with donuts & chocolate croissants.

Yet still, in the first month, I saw hope. I saw light at the end of my dark lonely tunnel.

Today many people start with Green Smoothies. They’re easier to make.

Problem is a Smoothie is not ALIVE. Energy Soup is, because it has living bean sprouts that you grow in a jar at home.

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The secret to Healing and soaring Health and Energy is:

Living Plants for Living Beings!

If the food is:

  • Alive and Growing in the moment you eat it, and
  • It’s a plant, it doesn’t have a face (a fish has a face)…

Then it will heal you.


Did you know a LIVING plant has molecules that help to switch genes, hormones, and brain chemicals on ‘n off — to help you stay in balance?

Balance is Health. Get too unbalanced and you topple over and die.

My job is to help you stop the topple 🙂

You’re a living breathing miracle. You’re not a cog in a profit-making machine.

You are created for joy 🙂

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Hello Val, I really love your site, it has to be one of the best raw food sites I have found on the net.

Simon B.